Environmental Sustainability


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Sustainability concerns "not only the present but a better quality of life for all future generations by protecting vital resources, increasing aspects of social cohesion and equity and ensuring sustainable economic growth of both the environment and the global population”.

The National Strategy for Sustainable Development (ENDS)


Aware of the importance of adopting public policies aimed at reducing the planet’s impact levels, Camões, I.P. seeks to respond to the present requirement for economic development through the implementation of a set of measures and the adoption of responsible ecological practices:

  • Sustainable Management: By focusing on the acquisition of goods and services to create a proper balance between efficiency and economic effectiveness, environmental protection and promotion of social equity based on clear contracts, goals and just causes.

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Since December 2015, Camões, I.P. has acquired quality management certification by implementing sustainable management practices (see Quality Management System – Case 04 – Property Management). 

  • Current activities: Through the analysis of regular consumption levels and by seeking solutions for salvaging and restoring high energy equipment such as air-conditioning systems, printers, refrigerators, electric fans, microwave ovens etc). 

The daily separation of any paper, plastic, organic waste and garbage that isn’t recyclable and the weekly preparation of paper and plastic collected by the local authorities for subsequent recycling.

Toner and light bulbs are also submitted on a weekly basis to the financial management division that deals with recycling.

The process of disposing of any removable objects is done by certified companies in appropriate waste-deposit facilities. 

  • Compliance of employees: Achieved by educating staff about the various methods of environmental sustainability and adopting health and safety procedures in the workplace in full compliance with the law.