What is artistic residence?

Under this programme, artistic residency (relating to the performing arts, music and visual arts) is work of a creative nature that takes place in foreign countries and leads towards the speedy presentation/completion (within a short time frame) of a show, concert or exhibition. In the case of artistic residencies in the field of writing, the same applies to producing a literary work.

Supporting a cultural project overseas

Camões, I.P. supports cultural projects in all artistic fields through action plans submitted annually through the diplomatic and consular network.

Permission to send exhibits through diplomatic channels

I’m a painter and I was invited to present an exhibition in a gallery abroad. I would like to ask Camões, I.P. for permission to send my work in a diplomatic bag.

The use of diplomatic bags is subject to an application process through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is not free. As a general rule, Camões, I.P. only supports the costs of transporting material for activities that are part of its international cultural programme through diplomatic and consular channels, language and language centres.

Only very occasionally, once every aspect about the project has been supplied (artist’s résumé, list of works, country and location of the exhibition, organiser and sponsors, etc.) and the project has been assessed and confirmed as an initiative relevant to the promotion of Portuguese culture, Camões, I.P. will consider the possibility of meeting the transport costs of certian additional activities that are part of the Institute’s programme.

Camões, I.P. travel subsidy

I’m going to be organising a cultural project for which I’ve already gained support from the Portuguese Embassy in (...) and I would like to get a Camões, I.P. subsidy for air travel.

Each year the Diplomatic and Consular Network provides Camões, I.P. with a plan of cultural activities whose approval and budgetary allocation is the responsibility of Camões, I.P. So, given that it would duplicate the amount of aid being given, Camões, I.P. does not subsidise activities that have already been financed through the budget allocated to missions abroad.

Support for dance/theatre/music events in Portugal

I want to organise a dance/theatre/music event in Portugal. How can I get support from Camões, I.P.?

Camões, I.P’s main objective is to promote and spread the Portuguese language and culture abroad and generally doesn’t support initiatives in Portugal. Therefore, we suggest you get in touch with GEPAC - Gabinete de Estratégia, Planeamento e Avaliação Culturais, which is the department in charge of organising, planning and assessing cultural activities in Portugal. 

Support for publishing abroad. How can I go ahead with this?

Camões, I.P. supports foreign publishers with the international release of works by writers of the Portuguese language which are translated into other languages, as well as works relating to the Portuguese language and culture.