Learning Portuguese


Learning Portuguese is one of Camões, I.P.’s main services
There are various Camões, I.P. initiatives for learning Portuguese, including the promotion and spreading of the language throughout the world to establish new interests and increase the number of students.


Aprender a distância

Camões, I.P. offers eLearning services for different language areas, with the use of an online platform for learning the Portuguese language anywhere in the world.

Learn Portuguese

Portuguese General Courses

There are three Portuguese as a Foreign Language course options offering different types of tutoring:

  • Self-learning courses

With self-correction tools available, the Portuguese as a Foreign Language / Self-learning courses helps students develop their oral and written comprehension skills without any need for personal tutoring. Over twelve weeks, students can study at their own pace with full access to all the exercises and other course features. 

  • Basic courses

The Portuguese as a Foreign Language / Basic course focuses on the four skills of oral and written comprehension, speaking and writing. Besides having access to the course exercises and auto-correction tool, students get six 30-minute personal tutoring sessions (via Skype) in small groups of up to three students throughout the 12-week duration of the course, as well as the tutor’s assessment of six pieces of written work. 

  • Premium courses

The Portuguese as a Foreign Language / Premium courses are designed to help students improve the four language skills of oral and written comprehension, speaking and writing. In addition to the exercises and auto-correction tool, the course provides students with twelve 30-minute one-on-one tutoring sessions (via Skype), which take place once a week throughout the 12-week duration of the course, as well as the tutor’s assessment of twelve pieces of written work. This course is designed for students looking for a more intensive learning experience with the addition of personal tutoring.

Check the list of available courses here

Portuguese Business & Work

The Portuguese for the Workplace courses are aimed at people who want to develop their communication skills for professional reasons. These courses have a learning method based on real-life work scenarios with the use of company documents and business activities designed to help students become more familiar with the type of language used in different work situations.

  • Business Portuguese;
  • Legal Portuguese;
  • Portuguese for Journalism;
  • Portuguese for Tourism and Hospitality;

Advanced Courses

Camões, I.P. also offers specialisation courses, in partnership with Portuguese and international universities, accredited with ECTS (European Credits Transfer System), in areas such as Portuguese culture, translation and development co-operation. These courses are mainly designed for graduates and undergraduate students living in Portugal or abroad. These courses require a proficient command of Portuguese. 

  • Culture and history;
  • Translation;
  • Co-operation and development;


Continuous training for teachers

Continuous training courses for teachers are based on two fundamental factors:

  • Accreditation: Courses are accredited by the Conselho Científico-Pedagógico para a Formação Contínua (CCPFC), who holds the responsibility of accrediting the training entities and continuous training programmes for teachers, as well as the monitoring of the evaluation process of the continuous training system, in compliance with the terms of the Portuguese Legal Framework for Continuous Training for Teachers.  
  • Quality: In order to make these programmes possible, Camões, I.P. resorts to partnerships with higher education organisations, experts and leading researchers in various fields. 

At the present moment, courses are available on the following fields: 

  • Education;

Courses dedicated to the concepts, methods and development of specific communication skills, namely reading and writing.  

  • Linguistics.

This course is focused on critical areas in linguistics and language learning.

Primary and Secondary School Education

Aprender no Ensino Básico e Secundário


Camões, I.P. has created a set of initiatives for learning the Portuguese language overseas at primary and secondary school level.

Higher Education

Aprender no Ensino Superior


Camões, I.P. offers a set of possibilities for learning Portuguese overseas at higher education level.

Of particular note are the academic chairs, Portuguese Language Centres and lectorships.

Studying in Portugal


In Portugal, there are several educational institutes offering Portuguese courses for foreigners working or studying in Portugal.