Grants Awarded by Foreign Governments / Institutions to Portuguese Citizens

Grants for Portuguese citizens within bilateral cultural co-operation programmes between Portugal and various countries


1. Objectives and characteristics

Study scholarships may be awarded to Portuguese citizens under bilateral co-operation programmes between Portugal and various countries intending to further their studies in one of these countries.

The publicising of scholarships to be granted for each academic year is done by Camões, I.P. together with universities and through the website:, whenever the embassies of the respective countries communicate the awarding of scholarships available.

Camões, I.P., when requested, may also publicise scholarships to be awarded by institutions and/or countries with which cultural agreements have not been signed, but which promote scholarship programmes for Portuguese foreign citizens.

Depending on the case, the scholarships are designed for learning and improvement of knowledge of the language and culture of each country and/our for research into various areas of knowledge (traineeship, postgraduate, masters, doctorate).

Grants have duration of one month for summer courses, and up to a maximum of 9/10 months for research work.

Payment of the monthly instalments is the responsibility of the country offering the grant.


2. The process

2.1. The forms and instructions for the processes are available, depending on the case, at Camões, I.P. or from the Embassies of the countries offering the grants.

2.2. Candidates for a research scholarship must be accompanied by the following original or duly authenticated documents:

  • Form, with photograph, duly completed;
  • Education Certificate;
  • Certificate of competence in the language, in accordance with the indication of each country;
  • Duly structured work plan (for research scholarships);
  • Letters of recommendation from two professors accompanying the candidate (for Summer Courses, the presentation of only one letter is necessary);
  • Letter of acceptance from the institution where the research work is to be carried out;
  • Doctor's certificate (whenever required by the authorities of the country awarding the scholarship;

2.3. Depending on the case, the process may be completed with documentation required under the candidacy rules defined by each country.

3. The candidates will be informed about the result of their applications the authorities of the countries awarding the scholarships transmit their decisions.