Depending on the type of course, certificates are awarded to students completing Camões, I.P.’s eLearning courses, which are outlined as follows;

  • Portuguese as a Foreign Language Courses: Taking into account the fact that the related international language proficiency certificate is issued by an autonomous entity (CAPLE), Camões, I.P.’s PLE courses incorporate an attendance certificate for all successful students. Students who wish to apply for the international certificate can take the exam once the course is completed.


  • Specialised Courses: Operated by Camões, I.P. in partnership with several universities, these courses provide a qualitative certificate, along with the number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) obtained, with accreditation granted according to the standards stipulated by the European institutes of higher education. The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System focuses on the student and is based on the amount of work required to reach the required goals of each study programme with the necessary results and skills attained.


  • Teacher Training Courses: In accordance with the legal aspects relating to the continuous training of teachers, these courses are officially accredited by the Scientific and Pedagogical Board for Continuous Training (CCPFC), the entity responsible for the accreditation of training organisations and other activities relating to the continuous training of teachers based on the training system assessment process. These courses are promoted by Camões, I.P. (who is accredited by the CCPFC) and partner universities (also fully accredited entities) to provide students with official accreditation for the purpose of career advancement.