Education in PALOP countries


  • To train young professionals in areas which are a priority for the development of their country of origin;
  • To contribute to the sustainable development of local education;
  • To help solving the ‘brain drain’ problem.


Nationals from countries with Portuguese as the official language that wish to attend preferably higher education courses in their country of origin, or the final years of their secondary education.

How to Apply

Applications can only be made in the country of origin through the competent local authorities.

Selection will be made by a local jury panel with representatives from both countries involved.

Grant renewals

Scholarships that are valid for eleven months and are renewable for an equal period until the course finishes.

The grant renewal requires the submission of the necessary documents up to a maximum of 60 days after the beginning of the corresponding academic year.  

Necessary documents

Grant payments

Despite the fact that internal scholarships are adapted to local conditions, certain standards and procedures have been established.

Thus, as a general rule, grant payments are made by the Portuguese Embassy on a monthly or quarterly basis via bank transfer to the student’s account.

Rights and Regulations

Students Rights:

  • To receive the various payments they are entitled to.
  • To receive all the information they need about their grant from Camões, I.P. as found in the regulations.

Students Obligations:

  • To have an exemplary moral and civic conduct;
  • To have an exemplary academic conduct, with a high standard of performance;
  • To provide each year all the necessary documentation for the grant renewal;
  • To report to the relevant authorities all the necessary information whenever necessary;
  • To request authorisation prior to changing thier courses;
  • To refrain from any activities that may compromise attendance and academic performance;
  • To avoid accumulating grants from any other institutions.