Subalternities in the South Atlantic

An advanced postgraduate course dedicated to the South Atlantic, in particular its foundation/training and the historical, political, social and cultural consequences that have determined it and project on the contemporary horizon. The route, which renews the tradition of elearning courses “Postcolonial-Atlantic South Studies” is genealogical: it starts from contemporaneity to analyse the effects of the slave trade in different contexts such as that of Portugal and Brazil and deepens the knowledge of the narratives dating back to the beginnings of the conceptual, political and social space of the southern Atlantic.

Partnership: Camões, I.P., and Chair Eduardo Lourenço / Università degli Studi di Bologna

Image credits: “Atlântico Red” (2017), by Brazilian artist Rosana Paulino


  • Understand the South Atlantic today and the historical density of its contemporary permanences (subalternities, racism, discrimination, cultural heritage, etc.);
  • To reconstruct the genealogy of the South Atlantic from its geographical multiplicity (Portugal, African Countries, Brazil) in particular in the most complex historical epochs (Colonial Wars in Africa in the 20th century, Abolition in Brazil in the 19th century);
  • To reconstruct in a philologically rigorous manner the foundation, formation and consolidation of the South Atlantic and the origins of the subalternity matrices that engendered it mainly from slave trafficking between Africa and America; 


    Asynchronous and synchronous activities with multimedia material sharing, individual and group work, in permanent discussion with teachers.


    12 weeks.

    Tuition Fee

    EUR 250.


    Participatory work per module (4-5 hours per week) is subject to continuous evaluation, both individual and group. The final score will be the result of the partial evaluations made by each module.


    A joint certificate will be issued by Camões, I.P., and the Eduardo Lourenço Chair for candidates who perform the activities successfully. This certificate is equivalent to a 30-hour face-to-face course in the Master’s Degree in Letterature Moderne Comparate and Postcoloniali from the Department of Modern Literature and Cultures of the University of Bologna.