Camões Digital Archive

The Camões, I.P. Archives are integrated at the Documentation and Communication Office with the following competences:

  • To organise and ensure efficient document management, archiving and accounting for existing documentation within the organisation and to provide the public with access to historical documentation of a non-confidential nature in full accordance with the law;
  • To manage the selection, acquisition, processing, preservation, research and dissemination of all relevant information in relation to Camões, I.P’s activities in accordance with existing technical archiving standards and procedures on both a national and international level;
  • To co-operate with the entities charged with protecting the national archives

With the implementation of the project Camões Digital Archive, under the framework of the Programa SIMPLEX +, it is now possible to acess the valuable and informative documentation of our Institute.

As part of a strategy to continually improve our services, Camões Digital Archive enables researchers and the general public an easier access to our historial archives, while contributing to structuring and preserving the institutional memory of the public administration.

Camões Digital Archive

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