Education in Partner Countries

Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P., in order to develop the scientific sector of partner countries, has entered into a Scholarship Programme with each country for young nationals wishing to pursue their studies in their countries of origin.


  • To train young professionals in priority areas for the development of their country;
  • To contribute to the sustainable development of local education;
  • To contribute to the reduction of brain drain. 


National students from Partner Countries who wish to pursue their studies in their country of origin.

How to apply

Applications may only be submitted to the competent local authorities in the country of origin.

In each country, the disclosure of the number of scholarships available, as well as the documents required for the application and the deadlines for the delivery of those documents are the responsibility of the competent local authorities in partnership with the Portuguese Embassies. 

Application form for Internal Scholarship

Regulations for Internal Scholarships

Cooperation Portugal-Angola

Cooperation Portugal-Cape Verde

Cooperation Portugal-Guinea Bissau

Cooperation Portugal-Mozambique

Cooperation Portugal-Sao Tome

Renewal of the Scholarship

The scholarship is valid for eleven months and it is renewable for a period of equal length up to the limit of the number of years of the study programme. .

Scholarships must be renewed up until the maximum period of sixty days as from the beginning of the corresponding academic year.

Payment of the Scholarship

Although Internal Scholarships are adapted to the different local realities, common standards and procedures have been established.

As a general rule, scholarship payments are made by the Portuguese Embassy, monthly or quarterly, by bank transfer to the account of the scholarship holder.