Education in Portugal

In accordance with the cooperation programmes entered into with each Country, scholarships are awarded annually for University and Polytechnic Education.


  • To train young professionals in priority areas identified as strategic for the development of their country of origin;
  • To give priority to applications for study programmes not offered by local education institutions.


National and resident students of countries with which Portugal has bilateral relations of cooperation and that wish to access and enter Portuguese higher education institutes.

How to Apply

Applications may only be submitted to the competent local authorities in the country of origin.

In each country, the disclosure of the number of scholarships available, as well as the documents required for the application and the deadlines for the delivery of those documents are the responsibility of the competent local authorities in partnership with the Portuguese Embassies.

Camões, I.P. only accepts applications received through the institutional channels. 

Regulation and Form

Regulation for Granting of Scholarships  - Despacho n.º 21371/2009, de 23 de setembro 


Duration and Renewal of Scholarship

Undergraduate level

The scholarship is valid for one academic year and it is renewable for a period of equal length up to the limit of the number of years of the study programme.

The scholarship renewal process, together with all the necessary documents, takes place until 31 December of each year. When the scholarship holder presents proof of enrolment in the special exam period of December, the deadline may be extended until 31 January of the academic year to which the application for renewal concerns.

Post-graduation/Master and Doctoral levels

The scholarship for postgraduate studies has the duration of the programme and it is not renewable.

The scholarship for master studies is valid for a period of one year and it may be renewable for one single equal period. A special renewal may be request up until 6 months for the delivery of the thesis and the viva voce examination.

The scholarship for doctoral studies is valid for one year and it is renewable for equal periods up to a maximum of two renewals. A special renewal may be requested for one or two semesters / months for the delivery of the thesis and the viva voce examination.

The scholarship renewal process for master and doctoral levels, together with all the necessary documents, takes place until 31 November of each year.

Scholarship Table

The scholarship amounts are those listed in the following table: 




   Subsídio Manutenção
 Subsídio Instalação[1]
Subsídio Propina
Sub Material Didático[2] (anual) 
Subsídio Alojamento[3]
 Doutoramento  870,00 €  275,00 €  Até 1.650,00€  -  -
 Mestrado  710,00 €  275,00 €  Até 1.100,00€  -  -
 Licenciatura  380,00 €  275,00 €  697,00[4]  165,00 €  50,00 €
[1] O Subsídio de instalação é pago a todos os bolseiros uma única vez, durante a duração da bolsa
[2] Apenas se paga nas bolsas de licenciatura
[3] Caso o bolseiro obtenha alojamento em Residência universitária, será paga a residência.

[4] Valor indicativo (valor normalmente cobrado pelas universidades). Nas licenciaturas, ao contrário dos mestrados e doutoramentos, a propina é paga na totalidade, independentemente do valor.

Support to Scholarship Holder

Face-to-face service – This service requires a prior appointment made by electronic mail and stating the subject of the request. This service allows the scheduling of the service for a day and time previously defined. With this service, the Scholarship Holder is received on a day and time that best suits their availability, making it possible to provide an efficient service to all Scholarship Holders – a personalised service at the right time!

You may book an appointment to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other Areas of Education

Besides the granting of scholarships for Portuguese University and Polytechnic Education, Portuguese Cooperation also has scholarship holders in the following areas:

Legal Training

Under the Annual Programme of Bilateral Cooperation in the justice sector, the Centre for Judicial Studies organises on an annual basis the Training Course of Magistrates for auditors from Partner Countries. This course, co-financed by Camões, I.P. and by the Direção-Geral de Política de Justiça, runs for one academic year and aims at the initial training in the areas of development of personal qualities in human relationships and legal technical skills.

Military Training

Under cooperation programmes entered into with each of the Portuguese Speaking Countries, the Ministry of Defence (through the different branches of the Armed Forces), and according to an annual sum made available by Camões, I.P., opens vacancies for courses and internships at Military Education Institutes to military staff and youth coming from Partner Countries.

Police Training

In this training area, Camões, I.P. provides the Instituto Superior de Ciências Policiais with an annual funding for the opening of vacancies to students from Partners Countries who wish to attend the Higher Education Police Course, being the Ministry of Internal Affairs responsible for the definition and management of the annual number of scholarship holders.