Development education projects

Development Education (DE) is a continuous educational process that promotes social, cultural, political and economic interrelations between North and South, encouraging values and attitudes of solidarity and justice that should characterise responsible global citizenship. It is, in itself, an active process of learning that aims to raise awareness and mobilise society for the priorities of sustainable human development.

According to the “Strategic Concept of Portuguese Co-operation 2014-2020”, approved by Council of Ministers Resolution no.17/2014, of 27 February, "Development Education is a fundamental area in development policies and in the creation of a basis for understanding and public support for co-operation issues". In this context, the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of the National Strategy for Development Education 2010-2015 (ENED) is a fundamental vector of Portuguese co-operation policy.

In 2005, a line of specific funding was established to support projects of NGDOs of this nature. Between 2005 and 2013, 105 projects were co-financed out of 277 submitted, and 23 NGDOs were supported from 80 candidate NGDOs for a total amount of €4,556,504.93.

The support of Camões, I.P. covers several areas considered to be priorities according to ENED, such as formal education, non-formal education and awareness and political influence.

You can see the graphical representation of the support granted to NGDOs since 2005 in the context of the line of financing of projects of Development Education, as well as the relevant list of projects supported since 2005, using the filters to search, in particular, the year of the support, the number of projects per country, the amount allocated per country and the sectors supported.