Rural development

The interventions of Portuguese co-operation in this area are intended to promote the implementation of models of integrated development and growth with the aim of strengthening institutions and local communities and increasing availability and access of good quantities of quality food for the neediest of people, especially in rural areas. 

Rural development, in line with strategies for the safe and healthy feeding of populations, paves the way for sustainable farming systems for a more efficient and dynamic local economy.

The interventions in this area are as follows:

  • To increase of production and productivity in a sustainable manner to ensure the well-being of populations and their nutritional safety and improve local income, particularly with new techniques and investment in technology to encourage better use and proper development of resources, particularly arable land and water for irrigation.
  • To facilitate and improve better access to markets and rural commerce, locally and regionally.
  • To improve food safety and the nutritional well-being of local communities, with a special focus on the role of women and food production organisations.
  • To organise training, research and development activities, particularly through the creation and enhancement of partner networks.
  • To increase the resilience of rural communities with regard to combating climate change and drought.